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Preston’s Art Scene: 8 of The Most Talented Artists in Preston

Preston’s Art Scene is a visual blog about the many talented artists in and around the city of Preston, Lancashire. I’m determined to show you all that Preston offers in terms of art and design and introduce some brilliant places worth visiting.

Preston artist Paul Laidlaw

Preston-based portrait painter Paul Laidlaw may live in what used to be one of England’s most industrialised cities, but when it comes to inspiration for his work he usually looks further afield. He paints his way out of an urban desert. Paul, who lives in Ribbleton, mostly paints portraits of people in non-urban settings, such as country lanes, meadows, and beaches.

He works with oils on canvas to produce semi-abstract paintings of local people, which he exhibits at art shows throughout the North West. He likes to portray his sitters out of their usual environment, trying to suggest some personal journey or development through their presence in an unfamiliar landscape.

Three-dimensional mixed media artist Julie Makin

Julie Makin is a Mixed Media Artist based in Lancashire. Using elements of painting and found object art to create 3-dimensional pieces depicting scenes of her imagination. Julie’s three-dimensional style evolves. Julie aims to create a simple piece with an element of fun, using what people might consider as “rubbish” but which she can turn into magic.

Preston artist Tom Southam

Tom works in a variety of media in his pursuit of creating images that explore the nature and essence of things. He uses a range of mixed media including acrylics, oils, inks and digital painting. His work is inspired by the old masters Titian and Rembrandt, whose highly expressive use of light has been a constant source of stimulation throughout his career. In this way, Tom aims to communicate some aspect of human experience by creating emotionally charged figurative paintings.

Preston based sculptor Aileen Dawson

The work of Preston-based sculptor Aileen Dawson has recently been added to the collection at Hamilton Townhouse. Aileen was shortlisted for the Lancashire Telegraph’s Businesswoman of the Year 2012. She is also a successful businesswoman running her hairdressing salon in Fulwood, Preston.

She began sculpting in 1999, making small stone figures and bowls. Then her work became more ambitious with the first piece abstracted to form a ball shape than she made several similar pieces that looked like decorative ornaments for the home.

Preston based artist Billie Lawless

Billie Lawless is an artist working in fine arts media on paper, board and canvas. Her main interest is depicting people using watercolour pencils on paper or acrylic paint on board or canvas. Billie also paints landscapes of Lancashire using mixed media techniques drawing inspiration from her surroundings, including Preston City Centre, Deepdale and Avenham Park areas where she grew up and still lives today.

Visual Artist Paul Greenwood

Paul creates work through a multitude of disciplines and with a variety of materials. He uses both traditional and contemporary elements to create striking art that is often humorous and thought-provoking. His paintings draw you in, allowing you time to ponder their depths. They invite conversation but never give up all their secrets; not everything is spelled out to the viewer. Greenwood hopes people will continue to enjoy his artwork for years to come.

Artist Giles Garner: Creative Collaborations

Giles Garner’s Creative Collaborations include collaborations with other artists such as Giles has recently collaborated with fellow artist Tom Southam on a series of works called “The Cycle.” This exhibition is at The Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington.

Preston based artist Janine Jones

Janine works in a range of media and materials to produce unique pieces that are both visually striking and emotionally engaging. Her work is influenced by the world around her, taking inspiration from everyday experiences and observations. Janine’s paintings are created with a careful balance of spontaneity and considered application.

There you have it. Preston’s most gifted artist as of today. Thanks to their creativity, it is easy for artists and art lovers alike to find something they love in this city. If you’re looking for an artsy town with plenty of opportunities to see beautiful things that are made by talented individuals, then Preston might be just what you’ve been searching for.

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